English Way Course 24 Volumes

English Way Course 24 Volumes


PDF Books , Videos , Audio CDs

English Way allows you to learn English in an effective and enjoyable way.
E-ducation has developed an edutainment method which is highly successful thanks to a valid employment of videos based on extra-didactic incentives used on a didactic purpose.
From the first issue onward English Way guides you through a gradual and dynamic full immersion in the English language.
The course structure is built up according to immediate goals and leads to practical results, allowing you to use the English language in a wide range of real-life situations.
With a set of professionally shot videos focused on interesting and attractive plots, various contexts are introduced. Such situations, as well as being helpful didactic tools, turn out as highly motivating or rather entertaining and involving on the narrative side. Each didactic unit connects a video episode with a language focus where a real teacher guides you discovering the language structures the episode has introduced. Therefore, the learning technique plays on the sense of involvement and the interest arousing from the amusing plot in order to transmit specific linguistic topics in a none-scholastic way.

As to ensure a lasting learning, the course is made up of thirty lessons where first, you are taught basic grammar structures so that you can deal with more complex contexts.

These are the didactic tools aimed to achieve the objectives mentioned above:

– a real TV-like sitcom, each episode of whom is part of a thrilling story which will enables you to learn in an enjoyable way;
– a video grammar lesson focusing on linguistic structures; every episode of the sit-com is followed by this lesson.

Further helpful tools are the subtitles, initially both in English and in the first language; then, proceeding with the full immersion in the English language, only in English.

Each issue presents three main medias:
– The DVD, compatible with either a television or a computer. The DVD is the core of the course.
– An audio CD containing the transcriptions from the video episodes on the DVD along with some new interesting materials for in-depth study and revision.
– A paperback course book with the transcriptions of the episodes from the DVD and their translation, grammar focuses and exercises.

  • 24 DVD, 24 PDF Books, 24 Audio CDs (24 Volumes)
  • Download For: Computer
  • File Format: RAR Files
  • Pages: X
  • Size: 4.30 GB


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