Daily Dictation Members / Shane Peterson - American-English Course

Daily Dictation Members – Shane Peterson – American-English Course


Daily Dictation Members / Shane Peterson – American-English Course [2013, MPEG4, PDF, ENG] Level : Intermediate and above Description
American English with teacher Shane Peterson, who has 30 years of teaching experience behind him. Shane developed his method of studying the language, which he called DDM (Daily Dictation Members), based on the idea of “If you can say it – you can hear it” , ie. if you can pronounce words in the same way as native speakers do, then you can easily understand a fluent foreign speech. All lessons are based on episodes of the popular American series “Seinfeld”, news, historical videos and just interesting videos from youtube.
The course is designed for a month, based on 2 lessons per week and is aimed at understanding everyday English speech and setting the correct pronunciation. The course is designed for people with knowledge of English at least Intermediate and allows you to understand the peculiarities of American-English pronunciation. All training is in English, the author speaks clearly and in a fairly simple language, explaining all topics as much as possible. How to deal with :

This Course has 8 folders, In each folder there are 3 video files (task, answers and explanation) and 2 PDF files (tasks and answers). On the first day you watch the video with the task and fill in the missing areas in the job file. On the second day, you watch a video with answers, in which each phrase or expression and features of the pronunciation are analyzed in detail. On the third day, you watch a video with explanations explaining the expressions and understanding the lesson. You can follow this scheme, but you can do everything at least a day, it all depends on you.

Extras. Information : The author has several channels on youtube, as well as podcasts available both via the Internet and through free applications for Android and Iphone, and Internet radio. All contacts, including lessons, are posted here with the permission of the author. You can always contact him directly and ask questions that you are interested in, and he will answer with pleasure. This is only the first 8 lessons from more than 400, but even these 8 lessons give a lot of interesting and important information about the unspoken rules of American speech, which are not written in textbooks.

  • 24 Episodes of Videos and 16 PDF Files
  • Size: 3 GB
  • [2013, MPEG4, PDF, ENG]
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