Basic Survival and Survival English PDF & Audio CDs

Basic Survival and Survival English PDF & Audio CDs


Macmillan New Survival English is an intensive two-level course for adults who need English for communication in their daily work and travel. Educational and methodological kits include more than 60 real situations from the field of business and tourism: business meetings and negotiations, presentations, travel organization (hotel booking, transfer, etc.), shopping, etc. Dialogues are accompanied by exercises and additional tasks, which you will find in the Book for the teacher.

Survival English. Welcome to this exciting and practical course. Every page is easy to use and learn from, and gives you i mportant new language which you can read, listen to, practice and use. You’ll be able to make simple everyday conversations, order me á is, make reservations, check in to a hotel, nave meetings and much, much more! You can access the book page by page, or dip into it. At the back of the book, in addition to the Student CD, you’ll find: Cultural information related to each unit (Culture Files); useful vocabulary lists (Vocabulary Files); grammar reference and verb charts (Grammar Files); and the Communication Activities for extra speaking practice. You ‘ ll also find additional transcripts for the listenings found on both the Student and Class CD. Whether you need English for business trips, vacations or work with English speakers, this course is right for you!

Survival English – International Communication for Professional People– A two-level English course for professional adults who need English for work and travel. Each one-page lesson depicts an authentic situation that learners might encounter in real-life: introducing people at work, ordering a meal, checking into a hotel / airport etc. Key features: Unique signposting with topic icons provides teachers with a practical short-cut to communicative competence and enable them to design a syllabus that suits their student’s needs. One-page-per-lesson format Student ‘


  • New Basic Survival Student’s Book
  • New Basic Survival Teacher’s Guide
  • New Basic Survival Practice Book
  • New Basic Survival Student’s Audio CDs
  • New Basic Survival Teacher’s Audio CDs
  • New Survival English Student’s Book
  • New Survival English Teacher’s Guide
  • New Survival English Practice Book
  • New Survival English Student’s Audio CDs
  • New Survival English Teacher’s Audio CDs


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