Optimum Nutrition Autumn

Optimum Nutrition Autumn


If you’re cutting out dairy, do you know what nutrients you need to put back into your diet? Many dairy alternatives are not like-for-like substitutes, so we guide you through what to include, and taste-test some dairy-free cheeses. Our feature interview is with Amelia Freer, ION alumna and ‘nutritional therapist to the stars’. Amelia tells us about her new book, what drives her, and what she thinks of the so-called ‘clean-eating’ movement. Do you skip breakfast or find yourself munching on sugary snacks in the morning? If so, you may want to rethink your first meal of the day. Find out what ION’s nutritional therapists eat, and get inspired with some twists on classic breakfasts. More parents are worried about their children eating not enough than eating too much. We look at the problem of portion distortion, and also take a look at the UK snacking culture and ask how necessary snacks really are for little ones. Are you nutty about coconut oil? We investigate its health benefits and whether we really should be paying for expensive varieties. Sourdough or sourfaux? Find out what makes the “best” sourdough bread and try making it for yourself; plus kitchen tips, recipes, nutrition news and much more.

ION’s quarterly printed magazine is an essential read for anyone wanting to understand more about the role of nutrition and exercise in health and disease.

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