Readers Digest Sept 2017 Secrets to a Sharper Mind

Readers Digest Sept 2017 Secrets to a Sharper Mind


In this Issue:

Genius Issue. Secrets to a Sharper Mind. 89 Words That Will Build Your Brain. How to Become a Super Memorizer. The Silent Art of Dictionary Writers. Plus: 13 Mind-Blowing Scientific Discoveries. Water’s Magic Medical benefits. “I Held My Own Heart”. Why Is 7 Everyone’s Favorite Number?

The interactive edition of Reader’s Digest lets you browse smart, useful tips on health, work, food, relationships, home, and money, all expertly selected from hundreds of online and print sources. You’ll discover original profiles of inspiring people, real-life dramas, insightful essays, and news roundups that get you up-to-date fast on the issues you care about. All the features and departments from the print edition are here, including the jokes and funny true stories. Take a look for yourself.

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