Picture Grammar for Children

Picture Grammar for Children 5 Levels


Picture Grammar for Children is a lively and colourful grammar practice series for young learners. It’s fun to use and easy to teach and is compatible with any course. Grammar is presented in an original and appealing way through vocabulary-rich topic-based spreads which are followed by a range of grammar practice activities.

Key features

  • Vocabulary and grammar are introduced side by side in meaningful contexts
  • Highly illustrated topic-based units are carefully selected to reflect students’ interests
  • There is a balance between controlled exercises and those which allow students to use language creatively
  • Review units give opportunity for consolidation and further practice
  • Students can work through the units systematically or in any chosen order.

Samples of Pages

  • 5 PDF BOOKs
  • Size: 38 MB
  • Download For: Computer & Phone
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 51, 68, 68, 68, 68

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