Reading Juice for Kids 4 Levels

Reading Juice for Kids 4 Levels


Reading Juice for Kids is an elementary-level textbook that helps learners comprehend nonfiction reading texts with ease while having fun. It offers easy reading passages covering topics from American curricula along with clear photographs and illustrations to support the reading.

  • 16 nonfiction passages based on the U.S. primary school curricula make immersion learning possible.
  • Photos help learners visually comprehend topics and content words.
  • Learners can build their background knowledge of the topics through a wide range of activities.
  • Checkup activities improve learners’ comprehension skills.
  • Additional activities help learners do extended vocabulary studying.
  • The graphic organizers help learners clearly understand each topic.
  • The glossary includes key words organized by each unit.

Samples of Pages

  • 4 PDF BOOK
  • Size: 33 MB
  • Download For: Computer & Phone
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 81, 81, 81, 81

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