English Grammar - Reference and Practice With Key Version 2.0

English Grammar – Reference and Practice With Key Version 2.0


The proposed manual was created on the basis of fundamental classical works on the grammar of the English language, published in Russia, as well as new works by English and American authors along the lines of communicative linguistics.

The manual consists of 15 thematic sections, which provide general information on each topic and explains the special cases of use. The purpose of this collection is to present and explain in an accessible form the essential morphological features of the grammatical structure of the English language, which are necessary for practical use.

The structure of the textbook is based on the principle of comparing the models of the native and studied languages, as well as the differentiation of similar (for speakers of the Russian language), but differing in essence grammatical structures of the English language. The best assimilation of the material should be facilitated by tables, diagrams and models that systematize the material of the sections.

This manual is intended for students of schools and gymnasiums, as well as for students of non-linguistic universities with in-depth study of English. It can be successfully used to work with students of any form of training and level of language training, as detailed explanations are provided with a large number of examples, tables and models, fixed in a variety of exercises. Exercises are built on the principle of increasing language difficulties and are intended for beginners (A), continuing (B) and advanced (C) groups. Exercises are indexed by the appropriate notation.
For several years, the material of the manual has been successfully used in various targeted programs for teaching students with different levels of language training.



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