Our Discovery Island Level 4

Our Discovery Island Level 4



Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a six-level primary English series that engages children in 21st century learning. Inspire every one of your students to learn English!

Student Book w/ CD-ROM

  • Each level of the Student Book contains a Welcome unit and 8 units each designed for 3-5 hours of class per week.
  • Each unit includes a values lesson, a cross-curricular lesson and an “phonics” lesson.
  • The access code printed at the back of the book gives students and parents unique and safe access to the Online World.
  • The CD-ROM contains additional interactive games and puzzles related to each unit of the Student Book. It also includes the songs and chants.
  • The access code printed in the book gives the student access to the Online World.

Workbook w/ Audio CD

  • The Workbook helps reinforce and consolidate the language presented in the Student Book. It contains controlled and freer practice plus personalization.
  • The Audio CD has tracks for the listening activities in the Workbook.

Audio CDs

The Class Audio CDs contain all the chants, songs, stories, and listening comprehension activities. There are also karaoke versions of the songs.


Our Discovery Island ActiveTeach provides software for use on any Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with integrated tools. It can also be used with just a computer and projector.

It contains links to all of the Student Book and Workbook pages, digitally transformed to create more opportunities for interaction between students, the teacher, and the classroom resources, as well as links to the audio, video and the Online World.

Picture Cards

Set of Picture Cards for each level contains the main target language in each unit which are used to present, practice, and consolidate language.


There is a multi-poster pack for the course. Teachers will find information on where best to use them in the main lesson notes in the Teacher’s Edition.  


  • Pupil’s Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Audio CDS for SB
  • CD-ROM



  • 3 PDF Books &  Audio CD & CD-ROM
  • Size: 372 MB
  • Download For: Computer & Phone
  • Format: PDF & RAR
  • Pages: 73, 96, 211


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