World Famous Nursery Rhymes 3 Levels

World Famous Nursery Rhymes 3 Levels


World Famous Nursery Rhymes Volume 1 is a large and beautifully illustrated collection of familiar English nursery rhymes. It is the first in a collection of three provided by David Whitney.

Nursery Rhymes are a great way for toddlers learning to speak and read, since their familiarity helps children recognise and guess words. The pattern of recognition and guessing helps build confidence and reinforce common spelling and pronunciation.

As either bed time stories or reading as lessons for young children, I fine it’s best to pick a few of your favourites and read them repeatedly. Then have your child first try to read words in them, often the last rhyming word is the first one they will be able to guess. There after have them reading themselves. I can speak from experience, the familiarity, short length, and the rhythmic pattern makes it easy to learn so making the reading exercise fun. Many also have a song or actions which you can find on youtube to sing along to, which is great fun for young children.

Compiled by David Whitney

World Famous Nursery Rhymes Volume 1 includes The Man in the Moon, What’s News, Wee Willie Winkie, This Little Pig (went to market), Lavender Blue, Two Little Kittens, Molly my Sister and I Fell Out, If all the World Were Apple Pie, Rock-a-bye Baby, Jack be Nimble, Little Boy Blue, Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Humpty Dumpty, One Two Buckle My Shoe, Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Miss Muffet, and many more.

Below is a link to the World Famous Nursery Rhymes book 1, read on YouTube by KiwiOpa.

Approximate reading time for the entire collection is 12 minutes.


  1. World Famous Nursery Rhymes 1
  2. World Famous Nursery Rhymes 2
  3. World Famous Nursery Rhymes 3



  • 3 PDF Books
  • Size: 25 MB
  • Download For: Computer & phone
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 39, 43, 43


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