English Through Pictures [3 Levels With AUDIO]

English Through Pictures [3 Levels With AUDIO]


The three pocketbooks are the “the English through Pictures Series” are the remarkable invention of the IA Richards and Christine Gibson, who designed them to help the learner speak, read and write English in the quickest and clearest possible way – through pictures. The authors have made a careful selection of the most useful topics English words, choose those with the power to define other words, and have them to work in.

Book 1 contains a vocabulary of 250 such words, with an additional 500 developed in Book 2; these 750 words are then used in Book 3 to build a command of 1000 words which, by their defining power, hold the opportunity of understanding as much as another 20,000 words of English. Throughout ‘English Through Pictures’, responsible for learning is placed directly on the learner, who from the very start enjoys the ability to put in words.

These simplified drawings allow learners to focus on the translation and to enjoy the growing confidence of their growing competence in both books and readers. Motivated, learners will soon find to their delight that fluent communication in English is well within their grasp.


  1. English Through Pictures, Book 1.pdf
  2. English Through Pictures, Book 1_Audio.rar
  3. English Through Pictures, Book 2.pdf
  4. English Through Pictures, Book 2_Audio.rar
  5. English Through Pictures, Book 3.pdf
  6. English Through Pictures, Book 3_Audio.rar



  • 3 PDF Books & 3 Audio Files
  • Size: 315 MB
  • Download For: Computer & Phone
  • Format: PDF & RAR
  • Pages: 273, 336, 257


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