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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common Mistakes to Avoid

I Need to go to home

I Need to go home

ReasonIn this phrase “Go home”, home is not a noun but an adverb, Specifically, it is an adverb of place, So you do not need a preposition like “to” prior to home.
We also don’t use “to” before these words when it is used an Adverb (abroad, anywhere, downstairs, here, home, in, nowhere, out, outside, somewhere, there, underground, upstairs)



Reason: “Anyway” is an Adverb and adverbs do not have the character of numbers (Singular and Plural) Hence, “Anyways” is not the plural of anyway, Ex: Anyway, he is not responsible for it.

“Anyways” with the S is considered slang, and is a part of nonstandard, colloquial, or informal English. There is a just confusing element to say that anyways is the plural form of anyway, sorry in fact it’s not so

What is time in your watch?

What is time by your watch?

Reason: Time is an abstract concept, it does not have a baby.

so, it can not be contained “in” a watch or anything else.

My birthday is on October

My birthday is in October

Reason: We use “on” when indicating an specific date, like “my birthday is on October 10”

Whereas you use “in” if there is no specific date, for example: “My Birthday is in October”

I came to office by walk

I came to office on foot

Reason: We can say “by car”, “by bus”, “by bike”, “by train” and “by flight”.

However, we cannot say “by walk”, as it is the “foot” which is being used to travel and not “walk”

He has white hairs.

He has white hair.

Reason: All the hair on one’s head is considered uncountable and so, “hairs” is almost always incorrect

I prefer coffee than tea

I prefer coffee to tea

Reason: Prefer is always followed by the preposition to

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