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Demonstratives: This – That – These -Those

Demonstratives: This – That – These -Those

We call This, That, These, Those demonstratives and they are used to show the relative distance between the speaker and the noun.

Demonstrative Pronouns

  • We use this (singular), for a person or thing that is nearby or current.
  • We use these (plural), for more than one thing that’s nearby.
  • We use that (singular), for a person or thing that is further away.
  • We use those (plural) Those boots are too expensive.


This and These

  • This is my pen. (singular)
  • This day could not get any better!
  • This is very yummy
  • This was my sister’s ring.

  • This is crazy!
  • That looks like the car I used to drive.

  • These are our kids. (plural)
  • These are nice shoes, but they look uncomfortable.

  • These are the most comfortable.

  • Could you help me move these?

That and Those

  • That is our father. (singular)
  • That house across the street is so adorable.
  •  I am not sure that is how you do it.
  • Do you like that?
  • That is not mine.
  • Could you hand me that?
  • Those are my pens. (plural)
  • I would like those, please.
  • Those belong to Sarah.
  • Bring me those.
  • Those are my friends.

You can also use Demonstrative Pronouns by themselves:

  • Did you do that?
  • I’d like to buy these.
  • Which of those would you like?

Demonstrative Adjectives

You can also use demonstratives before a noun. These are called demonstrative adjectives.

The Demonstrative Adjective needs to agree (= be the same form) as the noun.

Examples of demonstrative adjectives:

  • This job is boring. (singular)
  • That book is interesting. (singular)
  • These apples are delicious. (plural)
  • Those students are friendly. (plural)
  • Give me that blue water bottle.
  • This time I won’t fail you.
  • I want those gorgeous marbles.
  • I wanted to propose you that day.
  • These mangoes are rotting.
  • I can’t forget that incident.
  • Those people were mean to her.
  • I cannot give you money at this moment.
  • I could not manage it at that moment.
  • Those rascals are back in the town.
  • This pen is smoother than that pen.
  • Will you please grant me that loan we talked about?
  • That building is stronger than this hut.
  • But this hut is more beautiful than that building.


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